Thirty five years ago professional London magician Andy Field purchased a Paul Daniels card trick called The Phantom Ace Strikes Again!  Little did Andy know that he would soon be bitten by the magic bug and this would change his life forever!

Over the years Andy’s love for magic grew and he studied the craft of magic relentlessly.  Years on he is now in demand for weddings, parties and corporate events to perform his professional close up magic throughout London.  You can be confident that he will work very hard to ensure your event is the best in London and his magic is jaw dropping!

Most of Andy’s magic is created by him himself.  This is so you can be confident of watching original and bespoke magic that your guests will not have seen other magicians perform.  Using objects such as playing cards, coins, rope, phones, jewellery, money and even unusual items such as polo mints Andy will create moments of pure astonishment to dazzle and delight your guests making your event the best in London!

Andy’s magic is strong, very well presented but most important of all entertaining.  Your guests will compliment you on your choice of entertainment and your event will be long remembered and talked about!  Andy’s personality is friendly and family orientated and his act is fresh, upbeat and modern but not risqué.  He is smart, performing in an evening suit and is fully ensured for one million.

Over the years Andy has performed his startling and marvellous magic all over central London.  He has been Close up Magic Champion of Scotland twice and his YouTube channel has five million views with over a hundred thousand subscribers.  He has also been a script consultant and hand double for the BBC series “Hustle”.  He has performed for the rich and famous, for Lord and Ladies, brides and grooms and at every social event imaginable.  These events include weddings, parties, corporate events, birthday and Christmas parties.

If you are looking for a smaller bespoke show for a party of around fifteen guests or so then Andy can perform a parlour magic show.  This is like a stage show but smaller and more intimate.  Your guests can get very close and expect to miracles such as playing cards levitating, matter transforming and borrowed items disappearing and appearing in totally impossible locations!  You can expect Andy’s magic to freak you out, but in a good way!