London party magician Andy Field is the perfect magic man for your event!  Be it a birthday party, a product launch or a corporate event, Andy has all the skills needed to help add some zest to your event!  Pure breaking magic at its best!

Everyone knows that food and drink are necessary for a great party but if you ask any regular party goer they will tell you that a great party atmosphere is essential.  This is where hiring professional London magician close up magician Andy Field can bring many benefits to your party or corporate event.

Andy can stroll around and effortlessly blending into your party and entertain your guest with his jaw dropping magic!  Using the skill of his hands along with objects such as playing cards, coins, rope, paper money, mobile phones and jewellery he will blow the minds of your guest with some jaw dropping magic!  Andy will even perform mind reading and guess there most inner thoughts and freak them out! – In a nice way of course!


You can have great confidence in booking Andy for your event.  He is smart and professional at all times and in all situations.  He has never been late in all the years of performing or missed a show.  His persona is friendly, likeable and playful and your guests will be drawn into his magic performances.  Most important of all, his magic is astounding and entertaining and totally mind blowing!  He is one of the best you will see in London at any party.

His sleight of hand skills and knowledge of magic have been used for years for television productions such as the BBC’s “Hustle”.  His magic is bespoke and original gaining him five million YouTube views and over one hundred thousand subscribers.  He has also had the pleasure of being the Scottish S.A.M.S. Close up Magic Champion twice.  His media magic clips have been used by television companies all over the globe.

When you book magician Andy Field for your London Party you will see bespoke and original magic, most of it created by Andy himself.  Andy is asked many times at parties if he can push a card through a glass window or throw it onto a ceiling.  Your guests may have seen many other magicians perform magic like this.  However, he does not perform magic illusions that people have seen.  He wants to totally surprise your guests with amazing and eye popping magic they have not seen before!  After all, fifty percent of the fun is in the surprise!

Andy’s personality is playful and relaxing.  It is so important that the magician you hire is liked by your guests otherwise no matter how good they are it will not mean a thing.  Andy’s magic is extremely well presented and entertaining.  He has years of experience and will not say or do anything to embarrass you or your guests.


Many people enjoy holding parties outside.  However, the British weather is totally notorious for being unpredictable and it could rain driving all your guests inside.  If this happens then having Andy entertain will save your party from being washed out.

You may also have a long buffet que or have people waiting at tables before it is their turn to go up and choose their food.  Again this is a super time for Andy to come along and perform some magic to beat any dead time.


On occasions people get married abroad.  They come back to the UK and then hold a wedding party for their family and friends.  Again, this is a great time to invite Andy along and perform.


What is better than having a great party? – Remembering a great party!  Technology has now made it very easy to capture and save precious moments on camera or film forever.

If you would like Andy to bring along a photographer at a nominal fee to record and film your special party then please let us know when you enquire.