Magic is best seen performed live.  This way you can be confident that there are no camera tricks or secret assistants.  Plus, it creates a tremendously fun and exciting atmosphere! Therefore, having a professional magician perform during your wedding day is an excellent idea and has many benefits to enhance your wedding day.

However, with so many magicians to choose from how do you know that you can be confident that you are booking a great magic act?  After all, you do not want to hire a magician who is socially awkward who performs bad magic, or even worse, embarrasses you in front of your friends!

You need a magician who is friendly, confident and likeable.  You need a magical performer who can present and execute strong magic with a playful aura.  A reliable professional who can entertain your guests, holding their attention and leaving them stunned and amazed!

For these reasons you can be sure that London wedding magician Andy Field is the magical entertainer for your event.  Andy has a polished professional act and all the sleight of hand moves to go along with it.

Andy’s magic skills and knowledge have been used in the production of the BBC’s “Hustle” drama.  Plus, Andy has been Scottish Champion of close up magic on two occasions and his YouTube channel has millions of views.  On top of all this he also has many years as solid, experienced and reliable magical entertainer.

Here are a few examples of how Andy Field’s magic can fit in seamlessly with your day and help to compliment it.


The wedding pictures are very important part of you day.  Capturing those moments forever on film will help those happy memories live forever.  However, having a large number of people waiting around until it is their turn to be in front of the camera can sometimes create a bit of a lull.

For this reason now would be a great time to have Andy walk around and entertain your family and friends while they wait for their pictures to be taken.  Plus, they will be in a great mood and more than willing to give the camera their best smiles when their turn comes.

Best of all, Andy can start and stop performing within a few seconds.  This gives family and friends the chance to disappear and reappear for their shot, so the flow will not be interrupted.  However, it keeps the energy of the day on a high keeping everyone happy and laughing.


Sometimes it is necessary for the staff at your wedding venue to ask your family and friends to leave a room so it can be turned around in preparation for later on in the evening.

This is an excellent time for Andy to mix and mingle and entertain.  He will definitely keep everyone happy and amazed and keep the flow of the day going.


London wedding magician Andy Field has an act that is so flexible he can even visit each table during your wedding breakfast and give everyone a mini magic show.

The best time for this is not when the food is being served.  It would be very difficult for people to eat and watch magic at the same time.  However, there are times it is very appropriate such as during the starters, while people are waiting in between servings and during the coffees.


Andy wants you to enjoy you magical day experience so much that he wants you to remember the magic forever.

Therefore by using a HD camera he is happy to perform a magical performance staring you both and have it filmed.  This way you can post it on to your social media for your other friends to see or just have it as a keepsake.

Please ask about this service during your enquiry.